Ekta Niketan

a TB Centre with a difference!

Our Team

Tikla Tudu

Tikla is one of Ekta Niketan’s longest serving health workers and main clinician. He is trained to diagnose TB from clinical assessment alongside sputum microscopy. He prescribes TB medication and educates patients on their course of treatment. He conducts outreach visits for patient follow up and TB committee member recruitment.

Sunita Murum

Sunita is responsible for patient registration and triage. She records patients’ details including socioeconomic status for benefit assessment and makes an initial assessment as to whether the patient has TB symptoms. She conducts patient education in medication compliance and nutrition.

Lalchand Tudu

Lalchand is the clinic’s microscopy assistant. He prepares slides and maintains a slide register. He is also responsible for preparing monthly medication packs and dispensing from the pharmacy on clinic days. He recruits Ekta Niketan TB committee and contacts patients for monthly follow up.

Patia Devi

Patia is Ekta Niketan’s housekeeper and cook. She manages food supplies and makes sure everyone is fuelled with tea and lunch on clinic days. She also assists with making medication packs and informs local communities of any Ekta Niketan meetings or events.

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Our team is a group of villagers who manage the TB centre. They are trained to diagnose tuberculosis clinically, to test sputum microscopically and to prescribe anti-TB drugs. The social, economic and ethnic status of Ekta Niketan workers is much the same as the TB patients they care for. A medical doctor with experience in TB trains the group to improve their work.


Munki Tudu

On clinic days Munki is responsible for preparing medicine packs and dispensing from the pharmacy. With Covid-19 and a small baby at home, temporarily she is not working.


Birender Kisku

Birender maintains Ekta Niketan's TB Register and other records. On clinic days, he rides a bi-cycle to work for 25 km with one arm. Birender lost his left arm when he was a child.


Gudur Tudu

Gudur is caretaker and gardener. He looks after the maintenance of Ekta Niketan; also, informs the local community of any upcoming meetings.

Hireshwar Hansda

Hireshwar is the clinic’s microscopist. He is trained to use a microscope to diagnose TB from sputum samples. Hireshwar deals with the bank account - withdrawing money or transfering .


Shiwan Hansda

Shiwan is Ekta Niketan's Admin and Finance manager. He maintains a computerised TB patient register and manages the centre's finances. Shiwan liases with the Government TB programme (NTEP).

Ekta Niketan is a TB centre that reaches patients who would otherwise not be treated properly and would spread TB. It is a centre with a difference!

Ekta Niketan is managed by the team of villagers with minium education; but they maintain a quality TB centre.

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